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VFC Newsletter 005: November, 2007

A PDF version of the November 2007 newsletter is available at

  • Upcoming Events

  • 100 Members Strong Potluck November 16: Please Join In This Celebration

  • Voting Started November 1 For Grant

  • Uptown Village Sip-n-stroll December 21

  • Elections In February

  • Ownership Drive Update: 103 owners and $18,570

  • Healthy and Sustainable Living By Laura Lang, Food For Thought

  • Winter CSA Shares Available

  • New Scholarship And Gift Program

  • About Vancouver Food Cooperative

  • Wish List

  • Committees

  • Thanks To Our Supporters

  • Herb Of The Month - Sage

  • Food Facts - Carrots

  • Recipe Of The Month - Glazed Carrots

  • Splendid Table Survey On Buying Local

  • Question Of The Month: Do You Have A Location Yet?

  • What Is A Cooperative?

  • Volunteers Needed

  • Contribute To Your Newsletter

  • Subscribe



  • Tue, Nov 6, 5:15 pm - Finance Committee @ 210 West Evergreen (Java House)
  • Wed, Nov 14, There will be no board meeting this month, the next board meeting will be in December
  • Fri, Nov 16, 6:00-8:00 - November Potluc @ 715 Grand Boulevard (details below)
  • Wed, Nov 28, 6:00 pm, Outreach/Fundraising @105 West 6th (Sixth Street Gallery)
  • Sat, Dec 1, 4:00-8:00 pm - Sip-N-Stroll, Uptown Village (details on page 5)

More information at


Welcome to the Vancouver Food Cooperative Newsletter. Designed to keep owners and supporters advised of our progress toward opening in west Vancouver, our main distribution is over the Internet through e-mail and our web page at This is your newsletter. For suggestions, see the "Contribute to Your Newsletter" section at the end of this newsletter.

100 MEMBERS STRONG POTLUCK: Please Join in This Celebration

Vancouver Food Cooperative is now 100 members strong. Our monthly potluck will be held on Friday, November 16th, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. to celebrate and honor all 100-plus owners.

Bring your favorite dish, family and friends, and join us to celebrate this accomplishment. Please include a label or note naming the dish, also indicate if it is vegan, vegetarian or gluten free.

The potluck will be at the Clark County Genealogical Society's meeting room, 715 Grand Boulevard in Vancouver. It is located on Grand Boulevard one block south of Mill Plain Boulevard, in the shopping center directly south of the International Air Academy.


We are one of five finalists to receive a grant from Sun Crystals.

All five finalists will receive $2,500. For one month, there is online voting for the five finalists. The co-op with the most votes will receive an additional $2,500 for a total of $5,000. You can vote once a day from each e-mail address. Starting November 1, go to to vote. Voting lasts through November 30th.

This is a simple way to show your support and help us raise funds regardless of your personal financial opportunities. Make it part of your daily routine and vote every day. Please send the voting information to everyone you know. Thank you for your support.


As of Friday, October 26, we have 103 owners and $18,570 received from sales of shares.

The purpose of our ownership drive is to raise the money necessary to buy or lease a building, equip it, stock it, and all the other things associated with opening a cooperative. Shares are $180 each. Adults, eighteen years or older, may purchase one to twenty shares, to help us open sooner. Your first share may be purchased with a $60 initial payment, the balance to be paid in $60 increments over the next three years. Pay for one or more shares before we open and have the honor of being a founding owner! Each share purchased brings us closer to being able to establish the Vancouver Food Cooperative store and provide a much-needed service for our area. To find out more on how become an owner, please visit and click on "Become an Owner."


by Laura Lang, Food for Thought

Welcome to a new column of our newsletter.  There are so many issues surrounding the title of this column floating around in my head (and on post it notes all over my desk!) that I hardly know where to begin. But we have to start somewhere and since this is a newsletter for the friends and members of the food co-op, I suppose the best place to start is with the most obvious . . . food.

A healthy, sustainable lifestyle starts with our choices about food. Making such choices involves answering questions about how our food is grown and how that process affects our environment and our health. It involves questions about the use of pesticides, hormones and antibiotics, and a host of synthetic chemicals and genetically modified organisms introduced into our food production systems without public discussion or consent. At the risk of sounding a bit alarming, we have some serious problems with our food supply these days. 

Here is a paradox for you - not only does the United States have an epidemic of obesity, but at the same time, of thirteen countries in a 2002 study by the World Health Organization, we ranked twelfth in terms of overall health.(1) We are fat and malnourished! Could it have something to do with what we eat?

The radical rise of degenerative diseases over the past fifty years, such as Alzheimer‚s Disease, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease are no longer attributed simply to "old age." People in mid-life and record numbers of children are falling prey to such suffering. Could it have something to do with the "chemicalization" of our food and our environment? We may be living longer, but we are living in an accelerated state of degeneration, with our medical and scientific community focused on treating the ugly symptoms of our diseases, rather than on preventing them.

Independent scientific analysis, from organizations such as the Union of Concerned Scientists, (2) would indicate that much of this rise in obesity and degenerative disease is a consequence of environmental deterioration and the bio-technologies utilized in our food production.

In the next newsletter, we will start digging into these issues. Perhaps starting by looking at the difference between "real" food and factory food, and some of the unintended consequences of convenience. My goal is to write a column that can provide insight, provoke thought, raise questions, and maybe spur action. I hope that, together, we can explore topics of personal choice, social responsibility and political processes that affect us individually and collectively.

In the meantime . . . what can you do today? Be conscientious of your food purchases over the next month. Is what you are buying contributing to your family‚s health and well being or the well being of our community and environment? We have to question the food choices we make so frequently out of habit and without thought. Invite your friends, family and coworkers to question their choices, to learn more and to join in the dialogue about what we consume and how it affects our lives now and in the future.

And, do not forget that a perfect place to start making healthier choices is to invite them to join the co-op, where our community can make the decisions about our food sources, the methods they are produced by, and have some reassurance of the integrity of its content.
Just food for thought . . .

(1) World Health Organization. "Social Determinants of Health: the Solid Facts." 2nd edition (2003):p. 26
(2) For information on the UCS, visit

Laura Lang is the co-owner of Nature‚s Choice, a local family business specializing in wild and organic mushrooms, berries and related products. Laura can be reached at


by Sunrise O‚Mahoney

Some of the CSAs have additional winter shares to offer. A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a partnership between farmers and customers. Customers become a member of a CSA by making a payment at the beginning of the growing season. Farmers provide a portion or a "share" of the farm‚s produce to each CSA member each week throughout the season. Through direct sales to members, farmers receive better prices for their crops, receive a guaranteed market for their produce, and gain some market security.

A CSA creates agriculture-supported communities in which members receive a wide variety of foods freshly harvested from local farms. CSA farmers are able to produce a wide variety of high quality vegetables on a small scale near your neighborhood. Two local CSA farmers who have additional winter shares available for purchase are listed below. Please call them for information.

Rosemattel CSA, Brenda Millar-Stanton, (360) 576-9767. Rosemattel winter shares last until December 1st.

Hidden Oasis, David Maxwell, (360) 256-6896. Hidden Oasis has primarily greens for the winter share.

Call availability and details. Types of produce that might be included in your winter share are snow peas, kohlrabi, carrots, radishes, swiss chard, salad mix, green beans, spinach, onions, broccoli, cabbage, dried beans, celery, farm eggs, herbs.

In the upcoming months, we will provide information about the 2008 CSA season so you can become involved early in the growing season.

To learn more about buying locally, visit and click on "Buy Local."


by Sunrise O‚Mahoney, Lori Loranger and Sharon Kulish-Bayles

The Vancouver Food Co-op is excited to offer a new program.

Through scholarship shares, we can increase equity and strengthen our community. Many people who support the Vancouver Food Co-op are financially unable to buy a share.

We want everyone to have a voice in what the store will look like, be able to run for office and vote, regardless of their income.

You can help the community and Vancouver Food Co-op by donating to the share scholarship program or buying gift shares. We will distribute the scholarship shares before our first annual meeting and election in February. This will allow scholarship recipients the opportunity to participate in the annual meeting, and, if interested, run for the board.

If you are able, please help bring people into the co-op, buy a share for a scholarship applicant, or choose the recipient yourself by buying a gift share for someone you know who would value and appreciate a share but cannot afford it.  Shares also make a great gift for your child (18 years or older), friends or family members. We have more than 100 owners. If 50 existing owners bought a gift or scholarship share, we would gain 50 new owners and raise $9,000 and be closer to opening our store!

Each full share costs $180. Each owner can hold up to 20 shares
with one vote per individual owner regardless of the number of
shares owned.

Gift Shares

  • The holidays are a perfect time to give a share to a friend or family member.
  • Organizations and businesses can purchase shares for their employees or members.
  • Help someone join the VFC family by buying them a share.
  • Mail a subscription agreement with the recipient‚s name on the form with payment. We will mail the form to them for their signature.
  • Your gift can be anonymous if you prefer, just include a note stating you want it to be anonymous.

Scholarship Shares

  • Purchase as many full shares as you want.
  • VFC accepts scholarship applications for ownerships and award shares
  • Mail a check in $180 increments with your mailing info (to mail your receipt); we will add it to the scholarship pool.
Please include your contact name, business or organization name so we can include all information on the web site. (If you do not wish to share your information on the web site,please indicate.)

For a subscription agreement, go to and click the "Become an Owner" link on the right.


VFC is a not-for-profit consumer cooperative, focused on creating a store in west Vancouver, Washington. In keeping with cooperative principles, we plan to support local farmers and sustainable food systems by helping to provide healthy, accessible nutrition to all.


Volunteers, volunteers and more volunteers. E-mail, phone us at (360) 694-3663 or go to the contact form at our web site, Sign supplies, including stakes (or sign display wires), material for signs and paint and/or vinyl lettering are needed and, of course, volunteers to help with this project. The materials are for yard signs to provide to owners for display in their yards to help promote VFC and ensure more people know about the co-op. Screen printing for signs and other projects.


Most VFC committees meet at least once a month, as detailed on the calendar section of our web site or at

OUTREACH/FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE is responsible for co-ordinating getting out information about the Vancouver Food Cooperative through this newsletter, web page content, hosting information tables, and other ways. Outreach also is responsible for fundraising, focusing on activities to bring in money to finance our outreach efforts. Public CSA forum, potlucks, public informational events, and neighborhood meetings. Please contact Outreach Committee currently meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at Sixth Street Gallery, 105 West 6th Street, Vancouver.

GRANTS COMMITTEE works on identifying and applying for grants which can be used for such things as feasibility studies, legal fees, planning documents, and outreach to under-served groups. If you have experience in fundraising or grant writing, please contact

TECHNICAL COMMITTEE is responsible for the nuts and bolts of such things as the VFC web site, telephone service, e-mail accounts for key volunteers, and preparing such things as the store network, computer systems, cash registers, and the database system for tracking owner purchases. We are currently in need of a PHP programmer for SQL access and a CSS designer familiar with Movable Type. Contact

FINANCE COMMITTEE manages the accounting and taxes, sets up the chart of accounts, and coordinates such things as a possible owner loan program, if needed. If you have experience in these areas, please contact finance committee chair

The interim BOARD OF DIRECTORS are the official corporate officers, serving under the leadership of Sunrise O‚Mahoney, our main spokesperson since the beginning. Do you have experience on non-profit or cooperative boards, particularly in the early start-up and establishment phase? Please consider contacting


  • Meeting space donated by Sixth Street Gallery (also a co-op), 105 West 6th Street, (360) 693-7340
  • Web hosting donated by MacRory.Com, (360) 695-6929


Medicinal as well as culinary, sage is a leafy herb whose English name is synonymous with wisdom and whose Latin genus (Salvia) literally means "health." In the conclusion to Walden, Thoreau encourages the reader to "cultivate poverty like a garden herb, like sage." Medicinally it has been used to calm the nerves, aid the digestion and for a variety of hormonal problems.

Simple to grow and propagate from cuttings, some varieties of sage are used for ground cover, but its lancate leaves dry well and are commonly used by Clark County cooks in soups and with poultry such as turkey or chicken. tell us that, in the seventeenth century, herb strewers were employed by the English Royal Family to scatter sage and lavendar to cover the stench of urban life. As an astrigent, it can be used as a refreshing after-shave. Sage leaves can be strewn in bath water and in rinse water to enhance dark hair.


Carrots, available all year, are noted for beta carotene which is converted by the body to usable Vitamin A. Eat carrots with tomatoes to maximize absorption of beta carotene.

The beta carotene is better utilized with slight cooking versus eating carrots raw. Carrots are high in soluble fiber, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin B1, and Vitamin E.

Carrot tops will pull moisture from the carrots so remove the tops before storing. To clean carrots, scrub them with a brush under running water because the nutrients lay just under the skin.

Sometimes, "baby carrots" are actually larger carrots "scrubbed" down to size resulting in loss of nutrients.


2-3 Servings
3-4 carrots
1-1/2 tablespoon butter
1/3 cup brown sugar (packed)
Grated lemon rind and juice (optional, to taste)

Prepare whole carrots by scrubbing under running water.
Slice carrots across into 1/4 to 1/2 "coins."

Mix all ingredients in heavy sauce pan.

Heat slowly, stirring occasionally, until nicely glazed, about 10-15 minutes.


Splendid Table of National Public Radio (NPR) is conducting a food sustainability survey. Part of the survey asks if you are interested in participating in a buy-local study. Even if you answer no, you can still fill out the rest of the survey. Questions about food cooperatives are included in the survey.

Go to and click on "The Splendid Table" under the entertainment section and then look for the link to the survey about halfway down the column on the left.


One of the most commonly asked questions is, "Do you have a store or a location yet?"

We wish we could say yes we do, but we are not there yet. The board is in the process of finalizing a comprehensive time line so everyone can see where we are now and what we still need to do.

Our market study is currently underway. When the results of that are available, it will help us to know specifically what we are looking for so we can find a suitable location. Then, when we have the funds to move forward, we will search for the perfect location. The faster we build community support through share purchases, fundraising and volunteers, the more quickly we will get to that phase.

To help us to be able to answer, "Yes, we have a location," tell your friends, families and co-workers about us. Volunteer.

Purchase shares if you have not already.
Please e-mail questions that you would like answered in this
segment of the newsletter to Sunrise O‚Mahoney, VFC Interim Chair,


A cooperative is a community-owned business which operates according to democratic principles. The Vancouver Food Cooperative will look like a grocery store at which anyone may shop, with the difference being that its owners elect a board which runs it in accordance with community values which, for VFC, will include accessible nutrition with an emphasis on healthy, local and organic foods when possible. Similar food cooperatives include the Bellingham Food Co-op, the Olympia Food Co-op or the Alberta Cooperative Grocery, People‚s Co-op or Food Front in Portland. Other cooperative businesses you may know of include Tillamook Cheese and Recreational Equipment Incorporated (REI). In addition to providing access to quality goods for the entire community, owners in a cooperative may receive a yearly "patronage refund" based on their spending, as well as a friendly store. More than just a place to stop, with a cooperative we own it!


If you would like to help, please contact the appropriate person or committee head listed in the committee descriptions on Page 3. Volunteers are also needed to help spread the news to our neighbors through community organizations, church groups, neighborhood associations, civic clubs, friends, and neighbors.

Printing requests: We are looking for people to write letters to printing places (for example LazerQuick, Kinkos) and ask for a donation of printing. The way this works is each store accepts requests at certain times of the year (usually once or twice). This would really help our outreach efforts.

This is something that can be done from home. If interested please e-mail: Newsletter: We are looking for people to write articles for our monthly newsletter. Because these are short pieces, this is something you can do in your spare time. If interested please e-mail:

Outreach/Fundraising: We are busy planning many fun events and would love your help and input during this exciting time. There are things that can be done even if your time is limited. If interested, e-mail:

SIP-N-STROLL December 21

On December 1st, 21 merchants will be participating as tasting locations in this year‚s wine-tasting Sip-N-Stroll. Many tasting locations will also offer appetizers. Even more merchants will be open for holiday shopping accompanied by live entertainment throughout Uptown Village.

Some wines not available through usual retail outlets will be available for purchase at a specific location providing the opportunity to buy gifts or for yourself at very reasonable prices. Starting November 1st, advance tickets are available at Tickets cost $25 with includes a souvenir wine glass and tasting at all the locations. When you arrive and show/purchase your ticket, you will be given a wrist band as your admission for participation in this event. (Proof of age is required.)

Join us between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. in Uptown Village, between McLoughlin Boulevard and Fourth Plain Boulevard in downtown Vancouver. Be sure to stop at Vancouver Food Co-op‚s table at McLoughlin and Broadway to say hello.


In February, Vancouver Food Co-op will hold its first annual meeting and election. The election will be the first opportunity for VFC owners to run for board positions and to vote for candidates. Owners will elect board members and vote on the VFC by-laws. The by-laws are the core of how we operate and who we are; it is a privilege to vote on them.

Please consider running for the board. Existing board members who want to continue serving on the board will also need to run in the election. Only owners will be allowed to become board members or to vote. If you are not already an owner, please purchase your share(s) as soon as possible so you will be able to participate.

As election time gets closer, we will provide more details. This early notice is to allow you to have time to consider joining the board.


This is your newsletter and we would like you to contribute to it. Ways to contribute are to submit an article, ask a question for the "Question of the Month," contribute a recipe, ask a question for an article or suggest an article for your newsletter. Please contact our newsletter editor at


Vancouver Food Cooperative publishes the VFC Newsletter and distributes it electronically, via our blog and the Google Group "vfc-announce." If you received this newsletter as forwarded e-mail, please consider subscribing.

Please feel free to go to the web site and print the pdf version of the newsletter to share with friends and neighbors. Newsletters are also posted and archived at our (searchable) blog, where more frequent and detailed news of the cooperative may be found,

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