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Food News in Vancouver

In combination with the Columbian Article of January 21 and the lack of a date for a second annual meeting on the official VFC calendar, I thought I might mention some other terrific food resources for Vancouver.

First up is Glenn Grossman's Clark County Food and Farm blog over at Blogspot. Glenn Grossman started a southwest Washington slow food group a few years ago, and has worked hard since then to encourage and promote better food systems for southwest Washington.

Another is a calendar of food events and list of other food calendars that I shall be inviting a few folks to add to.

Third is a site called which I hope will be part of a general project to provide publicity, support and connections to all the great food events (and a few food skills) going on in southwest Washington. The goal is to provide a resource for folks to think about food and take more control of their lives for less fear and more pleasure in the coming hard economic times.

In addition to coordinating the county-wide food calendar, VFN hopes to feature local farms and food resources. Articles in the last month include yesterday's on building a basic pantry, some book reviews and features on local supplies vendor Thrifty Feed and Garden, resource Urban Farm School and a simple recipe for a quick and delicious honey wine. A full list of articles is also available.

The wheels seem to have fallen off of the Vancouver Food Co-op, but that is no reason that people should stop working together for better food choices, wherever they happen to be in this economy or their lives.
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